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Born in Coimbra, on November 18, 1982.

He is currently director and teacher of guitar at  SCHERZO - Musical and Artistic Development Space  in this same city.

He has dedicated himself professionally to teaching music since 2008, having taught in different private educational institutions, after having decided to give up his activity in the Archeology degree he concluded at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra.

The contact and connection to the Coimbra guitar came as a student and member of the Tuna Académica University of Coimbra's Fados Group, an organization that allowed him to experience and get to know Coimbra Guitar and Fado.

In this context, in addition to the regular presentations in Portugal, concerts in Toulouse, Belfort, Paris, Hamburg, Rhode Island, and more recently Luxembourg, stand out.

Although he started his musical studies at the age of 5, it was only later that he got to know the classical guitar, an instrument and experience from which he never left.

Musically, he learned and grew divided between   the erudite classical guitar repertoire, and the Rock language of the electric guitar, seemingly disparate worlds, but which proved to be decisive and striking in the way he composes, interprets and performs the music that it presents today.

After participating in different projects and musical styles,  our guitar, is today his main focus as a performer and author, and reflects the joint work he has been developing comHenrique Fraga

since 2008, with whom he also has the desire to soon record the first album of originals, the result of this partnership.

Marco Matos - Guitarra Clássica - A Nossa Guitarra
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